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The institute felicitates students with ample number of books sufficient for all the students. Both foreign and Indian author books are in reach of the students. It has also a separate reference section having lots of International and National level Print and Online journals, magazine and newspapers. It has a reading room with a seating capacity of 100 students. It also helps faculties who are involved in research, seminars etc. College library has a fully computerized State-of-Art facility (OPAC-ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE.) It is the first fully computerized library among the degree colleges of Chhattisgarh. Central library remains open for 07 hours daily on working days and 4 hours on Sunday & other holidays. Inflibnet facility is provided to the students where from they may obtain lists of e-books, e-journals, magazines etc. Ssmv now has 24%7 e library with leading and reputed publishing house books. It also has 24%7 facility of giving online test series for all competitive OPAC (exams.

OPAC (Onlne Public Access Catalog )

The library also provides various other facilities such as-

1.    Book loan facility for all students at the time of examination.

2.   Extra book facility for sincere students.

3.   Book bank for the meritorious and poor students.

4.   Availability of back issue of journals/magazines.

5.    Internet access facility.

6.    Photo copy facility.


All PG departments have their own departmental library which is well equipped. Its mission is to enhance knowledge and instill thirst for research and learning in our students which will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the society in future.


Under the umbrella of "Prerna Teachers Association", poor and weaker section students of the society are provided with  the facility of books of all streams donated by the members of same association.

Library Moto:-

1. Books are for use. 

2. Every Reader Must Obtain His or Her Book. 
3. Save The Time of the Reader. 
4.Library is a Growing Organization.



S.No. Name Qualification Designation E-mail Id
1 Dr. Omprakash Patel Ph.D (Library Science), M.Phil, M.Lib.Isc., M.A., P.G.D.C.A., CG SET. Librarian


S.No. Name Qualification Designation E-mail Id
1 Mr. Gaurav Chauhan H.S.School, D.C.S.M. Book Lifter
2 Mr. Devid Raju H.S.School I/C Reference Section
3 Mr. Montu Chakravarty H. School Peon
4 Mr. R. Vishnu B.Com. Book Lifter


Section Day Time
Issue Section Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Reference Section Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM


Section Holidays and Sundays Time
Reference Section Holidays and Sundays 10:00 AM To 2:00 PM


Students of the College Staff of the College
Issued Books (Staff)
Teaching Staff 15 Books
Non Teaching Staff 05 Books
Issued Books (Students)
UG Student 02 Books
PG Student 04 Books
B.Ed. Student 04 Books
UG Girls Students 03 Books
Other Facilities
Incentive for Good Performance & Poor Students
1 st Topper 03 Books
2 nd Topper 02 Books
3 rd Topper 01 Books
Poor Student 02 Books
Monthly Attendance & Performance (Issued Books)
1st 03 Books
2nd 02 Books
3rd 01 Books



1.Computer Terminal Provided.

 2. Book Search by Author, Title, Acc. No., Publisher. 
3.Availability / Non Availability of Book.


1. Latest International/National Journals and Periodicals available.


S.No. Department No. of Books
1 Arts 1041
2 B.Ed. 6308
3 Biochemistry 127
4 Biotechnology 331
5 Botany 399
6 Chemistry 259
7 Commerce 2947
8 Competitive Books 149
9 Computer Sc. 3902
10 D. El. Ed. 1865
11 English 1123
12 Hindi 65
13 Law 578
14 M.Ed 3065
15 Management 1952
16 Mathematics 2338
17 Micriobiology 414
18 Music 20
19 PGDCA 486
20 Physics 967
21 Psychology 290
22 Zoology 481


AS ON 03-07-2018

S.No. Year Acc.No. Qty.
1 1997 - 1998 1 to 249 249
2 1998 - 1999 250 to 460 211
3 1999 - 2000 461 to 1008 548
4 2000 - 2001 1009 to 2179 1171
5 2001 - 2002 2180 to 4179 2000
6 2002 - 2003 4180 to 5785 1606
7 2003 - 2004 5786 to 7835 2050
8 2004 - 2005 7836 to 11584 3749
9 2005 - 2006 11585 to 13204 1620
10 2006 - 2007 13205 to 16618 3414
11 2007 - 2008 16619 to 22984 6366
12 2008 - 2009 22985 to 23204 220
13 2009 - 2010 23205 to 23415 211
14 2010 - 2011 23416 to 23419 4
15 2011 - 2012 23420 to 24363 944
16 2012 - 2013 24364 to 24878 515
17 2013 - 2014 24879 to 25540 662
18 2014 - 2015 25541 to 25565 25
19 2015 - 2016 25566 to 25825 260
20 2016 - 2017 25826 to 27892 2066
21 2017 - 2018 27893 to 28036 145
22 2018 - 2019 28037 to 29107 1070



S.No. Name of Journals Department National /International Print/Online
1 Indian Journal of Social Development (An International Journal) Arts International Print
2 International Journal of Sociological Research Arts International Print
3 International Journal of Business Ethics in Developing Economies Commerce International Online
4 International Journal of Banking Risk and Insurance Commerce International Online
5 International J. of Information Technology and Knowledge Research Computer International Print
6 Indian J. of Internet and Computer Research Computer International Print
7 International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer System Computer International Online
8 International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing Computer International Online
9 International Journal of System & Software Engineering Computer International Online
10 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science & Technology Computer International Online
11 Int. Journal of Research in Signal Processing, Computing & Communication Computer International Online
12 Rungta International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Computer International Online
13 Rungta International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Computer International Online
14 HKBK International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Technology Computer International Online
15 Intl. Jr. of Vocational and Technical Education Education International Print
16 Intl. Jr. of Psychology and Counseling Education International Print
17 Intl. Jr. of Education and Information Studies Education International Print
18 Learning Community- An International Journal of Educational and Social Development Education International Print
19 International Journal of Financial Management Commerce International Online
20 International Journal of Marketing & Business Communication Commerce International Online
21 International Journal on Customer Relations Commerce International Online
22 International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices Commerce International Online
23 International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence Commerce International Online
24 International Journal of Leadership Commerce International Online
25 International Journal of Applied Marketing and Management Commerce International Online
26 Anwesh: International Journal of Management & Information Technology Commerce International Online
27 International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Systems Commerce International Online
28 International Journal of Tourism and Travel Commerce International Online
29 International Journal of Business Analytics & Intelligence Management International Online
30 International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Commerce International Online
31 Anwesh: International Journal of Management & Information Technology Commerce International Online
32 International Journal of Information Studies & Libraries Library Sc. International Online
33 International Journal of Information, Library and Society Library Sc. International Online
34 International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP) Physics & Electronic International Print
35 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: Economics & Social Development Commerce National Online
36 Social Work Chronicle Arts National Online
37 Research Digest Hindi National Print
38 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Biochemistry / Chemistry National Print
39 Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research Botany National Print
40 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Biotechnology National Print
41 Indian Journal of Biotechnology Biotechnology National Print
42 Indian Journal of Marketing Commerce National Print
43 Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management Commerce National Online
44 Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research Commerce National Online
45 Telecom Business Review Commerce National Online
46 Indian Journal of Sustainable Development Commerce National Online
47 Advances in Computation Science and Technology (ACST) Computer National Print
48 Indian J. of Information and Communication Technology Computer National Print
49 Indian J. of Computer Science and Application Computer National Print
50 Journal of Scientific and Technical Research Computer National Online
51 Journal of Network and Information Security Computer National Online
52 Journal of Applied Information Science Computer National Online
53 Technology Spectrum Review Computer National Online
54 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences Sec. C – Chemistry Chemistry National Print
55 Psycho Lingua (PLAI) Education National Print
56 Indian Journal of Psychometry and Education Education National Print
57 Education Tracks Education National Print
58 Journals of Community Guidance & Research Education National Print
59 The Primary Teacher Education National Print
60 Journals of Indian Education Education National Print
61 Indian Education Review Education National Print
62 School Science Education National Print
63 IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSR-JRME) Education National Print
64 Journal of Educational Planning and Administration Education National Print
65 Voice of Research Education National Print
66 PARIPEX - Indian Journal of Research Education National Print
67 GYANODAYA - The Journal of Progressive Education Education National Print
68 Asian Journal of Educational Research & Technology Education National Print
69 University News English National Print
70 The Journal of the School Language Literature and Culture, JNU English National Print
71 Rock Pebbles A Peer-Reviewed International Literary Journal English National Print
72 Labyrinth: An International Refereed Journal of Postmodern Studies ISSN: 0976-0814 English National Print
73 The Quest A Peer-Reviewed Literary Journal ISSN: 0971-2321 English National Print
74 Current Science Life Science National Print
75 KIIT Journal of Library and Information Management Library Sc. National Online
76 Journal of Management Research Commerce National Print
77 Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management Commerce National Online
78 Journal of Organizations & Human Behaviour Commerce National Online
79 Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems Commerce National Online
80 Journal of Rural and Industrial Development Commerce National Online
81 Drishtikon: A Management Journal Management National Online
82 PRIMA: Practices & Research in Marketing Commerce National Online
83 OPUS: Annual HR Journal Commerce National Online
84 Journal of Hospitality Application & Research Commerce National Online
85 Journal of Hospitality Application & Research Management National Online
86 Atithya: A Journal of Hospitality Management National Online
87 KIMI Hospitality Research Journal Commerce National Online
88 Avahan: A Journal on Hospitalty and Tourism Commerce National Online
89 Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics Maths National Print
90 The Global Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Science Maths National Print
91 Journal of Pure & Applied Microbiology Microbiology National Print
92 Indian Journal of Physics Physics National Print
93 Journal of Integrated Science and Technology Physics & Electronic National Print
94 Harigandha Hindi National Print
95 Gagnachal Hindi National Print
96 Shodh -Dhara Hindi National Print
97 Shodh -Disha Hindi National Print
98 Indian Journal of Pathology and Micriobiology Micriobiology National Print
99 Indian Journal of Microbiology Reseach Micriobiology National Print
100 Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology Computer  National Print
101 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology Computer National Print
102 Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services Computer National Print
103 Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia Biotechnology National Print
104 Global Journal of Biosciences and Biotechnology Biotechnology National Print
105 Indian Journal of Psychology and Education (IJPE) Education National Print
106 Bhartiya Shiksha Shodh Sansthan Education National Print
107 Journal of All India Association for Educational Research Education National Print
108 Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues English International Print
109 Literary Endeavour English National Print
110 Gnosis: An International Journals of Language and Literature English International Print
111 Creative Forum: A Journal of Literary And Critical Writings English National Print
112 Littcrit English National Print
113 The Indian Journal of Social Work Arts National Print
114 Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations Arts National Print


S.No. Name of Journals Period
4 BUSINESS TODAY Fortnightly
7 BUSINESS INDIA Fortnightly
8 DIGIT Monthly
10 P.C. QUEST Monthly
11 DATA QUEST Monthly


S.No. Name Status
1 Employment News National Weekly
2 The Hitavada Local Daily
3 Central Chronical Local Daily
4 The Economic Times National Daily
5 The Times of India National Daily


S.No. Name Qty. Link
1 e-Books 308
2 e-Journals 47
3 Inflibnet N-List
4 Digital Library of India
5 Shodh Ganga